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Cordless Hair Curler

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The everyday hair curler you need

Would you like to wake up every morning and spend less time on beautiful waves and curls? Are you always running late or on the go, yet still want to create gorgeous party curls? Waverly Hair curler only takes a few short minutes and you’re all set!

World's first cordless auto hair curler

Portable, cordless, and automatic. Waverly Hair curler comes with 5000mAh rechargeable battery to offer 60 minutes working time. The patented automatic technology will allow you to wrap around your hair and create curls automatically within 8 seconds at home, or wherever you go! 

Hair curling becomes easier than ever

The ceramic coated barrel inside will wrap around your hair automatically in a safe and easy way, you just need to press one button and wait around 8 seconds to experience the most gorgeous curls for your next vacation, party or even for work.

Intelligent heat control 

​​In order to keep your curls in perfect condition, and looks healthy and fresh, Waverly Hair curler features 6 adjustable low heat settings: 150℃/ 160℃/ 170℃/ 180℃/ 190℃/ 200℃, combined with 6 timer settings: 8s, 10s, 12s, 14s, 16s, 18s to avoid damaging your hair, even your hair is fine, fragile or colour-treated.​

Long lasting curls

Making your curls last longer can always be a challenge, but with automatic technology, you can enjoy perfect curls that’ll last all day.

Keeps hair from getting tangled

If you put in too much hair in the barrel, it will automatically stop and reverse the hair from getting tangled up. The auto shut-off system works after 10 minutes of no use.

Smart heatproof design

Waverly Hair curler comes with unique heat isolating curl chamber to protect your hands from any instant surface heat. No more accidentally burning your ears!


Get stylish waves in less than five minutes with the revolutionary Waverly Hair curler.


Hold down the power button until the screen turns on. You can use the power button and the arrow button to adjust to your desired settings. The screen will show many different settings you can choose from. 

Place a segment of hair in the barrel then press and hold down the oval button until you hear the beeping. TIP: For natural wavy curls, place the hair in the barrel from the mid section of your hair (not close to your roots).

Once the beeping starts and the barrel has stopped rotating, let go of the button and leave hair inside the barrel until you hear two quick beeps. Then simply pull the curler away from the hair.


The automatic rotation system prevents hair from tangling when put into the curler incorrectly. If you put too much hair in the barrel, it will stop and reverse.


Waverly Hair curler has a built-in safety shut off system. The device will switch off automatically after 10 minutes, when not being used.


We use ionic ceramic technology to protect hair from heat damage, so you can get glossy, healthy looking curls, even on thin, fragile or colour-treated hair.


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